Our native wildflowers - page 21

Labrador violet
(Viola labradorica)
 ©Janet Allen Labrador violet

This violet has purple foliage which blends nicely with its flowers. It spreads very easily, but doesn't seem to become a problem.

Violets are a host plant for fritillary butterflies.

Wildlife: Birds
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Bird's-foot violet
(Viola pedata)
 ©Janet Allen Bird's-foot violet

This is a cute little violet. I've tried growing it more than once, and this time it may take. I think the problem is that I've let it become overwhelmed by larger neighbors. That almost happened to this one, but I discovered it in time and stuck a plant label next to it. I'll have to foster it carefully until I have a small patch that's more noticeable. It's worth taking a little extra trouble since it's, as William Cullina says, "perhaps our finest species."

Wildlife: Birds, butterflies
Larval host: Regal fritillary
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Barren strawberry
(Waldsteinia fragarioides)
 ©Janet Allen Waldsteinia

I've bought two of these plants at two different times. The first one I lost track of and certainly didn't take care of it—which for me means watering it for a couple of times after planting and making sure it doesn't get overrun by other more aggressive plants. I'm hoping I'm a little more careful of the second one until it gets established and spreads a bit since I find this small, unassuming little plant rather charming.

Wildlife: nectar for butterflies, insects
Deer resistance: Resistant?
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Golden alexander
(Zizia aurea)
 ©Janet Allen Golden alexander

I like the flowers and foliage, but I especially like saying its botanic name: 'zizia.'

It's a larval host plant for the black swallowtail butterfly—one of the few native plants I've seen it lay eggs on. Zizia is in the same family as dill, fennel, parsley, and its other host plants.

Wildlife: Butterflies
Larval host: Black swallowtail
Deer resistance: Moderate
** Attracts predatory or parasatoid insects that prey upon pest insects **
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Golden alexander
(Zizia aurea)
 ©Janet Allen Zizia

This is what the entire plant looks like.