Our choice of coffee matters ©Janet AllenWhat we put in the cup matters

We try to make a different beyond our own yard in a number of ways—even in the coffee we drink as we sit enjoying our yard!

Citizen science

House finches ©Janet AllenWe enjoy watching birds as we participate in citizen science projects

One of the ways we take action to make a difference beyond our yard is to take part in citizen science projects.

We describe the citizen science projects we participate in as well as some of our data, but lots of other projects exist, too.

We monitor birds, butterflies, fireflies, and other creatures. Not only are we contributing to knowledge that will enhance conservation efforts, but we become much more observant.

Learning more

Bringing Nature Home ©Janet AllenExcellent!

Another way to act is to learn more about habitat. We list the resources—books and websites—we've found to be most helpful.


Wild Ones
Join (or start) a local chapter

We enjoy being a part of a community of like-minded people, so we support and participate in organizations such as Wild Ones. This is a powerful way to spread our influence in the world.

Yard signs

Pesticide sign ©Janet Allen
One of my first signs

We spread the word to passers-by with yard signs. You're welcome to download and display any of my signs.